2018 Spring Party Trends

Just as we put away the bulky coats and bring out your spring party wardrobe, the way we entertain changes as the weather warms, too. To inspire your spring soirées, I’ve done the research and put together a list of the entertaining trends that are blossoming this season. Pour yourself an Aperol Spritz, and get ready to party spring-style with these fab tips.

Long Lunch

The Italian Long Lunch is a standout event for the spring season. Drawing from the old Italian farmhouse tradition, where families would get together for a lazy afternoon around a long, rustic table to enjoy warm conversation, good wine and beautifully prepared food, until the sun sets.

Key ingredients for a lunch that will have everyone talking about it for years to come might include:

  • a long, raw timber table topped with a natural silk runner

  • white marble platters and cream crockery

  • pink crystal glassware and gold cutlery

  • garlands of greenery, peach blooms and wild flowers

  • Prosecco upon arrival, followed by crisp Italian white, and graduating to a gutsy red.

Nothing else left to do but cook a mouth-watering feast, then savour a relaxing afternoon of traditional Italian flavours. Buon appetito!


Tropical Luxe

This is one of my favourite styling trends right now. Tropical luxe can work for just about any gathering from weddings, to parties, bridal showers to luncheons. Whatever the occasion, this style is perfect for warm weather events that require a touch of glam. Think fun and relaxed settings filled with plenty of natural textures, lush botanicals, and subtle, elegant details


A tropical luxe inspired event can be super easy to achieve with the right styling elements on hand. Pull together a refined neutral colour palette of white and black, earthy timbers, and bamboo.

Tropical plants are key when trying to achieve this look. Try oversized bunches of lush tropical foliage. Place potted tropical palms in rattan baskets, and oversized bunches of lush tropical foliage with white orchids or flowers in neutral tones. Pineapples and coconuts can also be a beautiful addition too.

To help achieve that true ‘luxe’ feel, I’d also add a hint of gold or bronze to take your styling to the next level.


Garden Party

Get your best sun hats and flowy dresses out. With the sun shining, it’s time to transform your garden, patio or terrace for a chic garden soireé.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a gorgeous, landscaped yard filled with the latest blooms, fresh scents of greenery and the open airs, then the scene is already set for you. If not, seek out a friend that is willing to share an outdoor space, look into local community gardens, rooftop decks, terraces and small patios, or perhaps venture a couple of hours out of the city to host at a local farm.

Style your space with a profusion of blossoms. I love peach, apricot and pink tones in roses, tulips, peonies, and ranunculus for this time of year. Top your tables with these gorgeous blooms, and compliment them with a tablescape of crisp white linen, plates and dishes with a subtle floral pattern, and gold or silverware.

When it comes to food, think light. Grain and green salads, small tea sandwiches, fresh bread, cheese and meat platters are all fun ideas for outdoor entertaining. And of course cake is a necessity at a garden party!

And to drink, welcome your guests with a champagne rosé. You could also consider preparing a punch because it saves time and guests can feel comfortable serving themselves. And of course wine is always great to have on hand in chilled ice buckets across the table.

Flower or greenery walls

This one’s been around for a while but it’s a trend that’s here to stay for a while yet. With so many different styles and themes, the flower wall look can never be overdone. Weddings, parties, baby showers - no matter the occasion, the flower wall is always a popular addition.

Add one behind the bride’s table at a wedding reception, as a photo backdrop for your DIY instagram photo booth, or just place one behind the treats table for a gorgeous, eye-catching background. The possibilities are endless.

I’m loving the range of flower walls I’m seeing at events lately, from gorgeous ombre designs, to whimsical blossoms woven with vines. And it's not just the traditional flower wall I’m loving at the moment! Faux flowers are a great low-cost option, and they have the added bonus of not dying, so they can be used year round. Greenery walls are also right on trend, and are a way of bringing the outdoors in, in a less expensive way.

Balloon installations

This Spring, I’m here to tell you, balloons are the new roses. Gone are the days of the simple helium balloon on a string. Balloon installations have arrived! You can incorporate this new style of balloon decorating to any event to create a splash of colour or make a statement.


Whether it be a simple group of oversized balloons with beautiful tassels, light up balloons floating over water, or a stunning overhead balloon and flower hanging installation, balloons are the latest styling trend.

The best part? In comparison to flowers, balloons are relatively affordable. You’ll need a skilled balloon artist to create your installation but with a lower priced starting product, you will find that the cost of a large balloon installation will be way below that of other mediums.


Play around with Prosecco, Spritz and Pink Gin

Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest drinks trends and be ready to serve them up at your spring parties.

Prosecco was big last summer, and the Prosecco corks will be popping again this spring. This aromatic and crisp Italian sparkling wine, can be more economical than traditional champagne or sparkling wines, and just as tasty! I’m seeing some fabulous integration of prosecco in events this year, such as the traditional Prosecco tower, Prosecco bars, or even hiring a prosecco van to turn up at your venue!

The European summer has seen the emergence of the spritz trend. Bitter liqueurs such as Aperol, Amaro and Cappelletti as part of sparkling wine aperitifs are all the rage in the French Riviera, and along the Amalfi Coast. The most popular of the range is the Aperol Spritz - crisp and refreshing, just the right mix of sweet and bitter, and best of all, low in alcohol content (containing just Prosecco, Aperol, and a splash of club soda). This Euro-trend is touted to be the drink of the coming spring/summer party season.


The world is rediscovering gin this year. The classic G&T is back in style, and is even undergoing further product development with the introduction of Pink Gin. THis new variation is perfect for spring soirees - smooth and refreshing with its gin botanicals base and a kick of bitters. The gin cocktail is also seeing a re-emergence with cocktail artists in bars the world over rethinking the classic drink.

With the beautiful weather and flourishing surroundings, it's only natural that the timing feels right for entertaining. Whatever your spring party style, it’s the season to celebrate.

If you need a hand implementing these themes into your party plan, I’m here to help! Contact me at info@lisalovesevents.com.au or on 0402 339 222 for a free event consultation.

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