Summer pool party tips from a pro

Summer is just about here, and it’s the perfect time of the year for a pool party! But this year, why not put a glamorous twist on it! No matter the occasion, adding a little bit of glitz can make for a stylish and fun affair. Just because a pool party doesn’t require formal wear doesn’t mean it can’t be classy. So let’s hit the pool - Old Hollywood style this season!

Colour Palette

When you think of Hollywood some of the first things that come to mind are movie stars, award ceremonies, black ties, sparkling gowns and golden statues! Using that as the foundation for this theme you can create a gorgeous art-deco colour palette of ultra-chic gold with modern black, and infuse with pops of green in order to freshen it up and give it a summery and casually sophisticated feel. Combined, all three elements fuse to create a glamorous look worthy of the Hollywood hills!


The best place to start is with a key piece of Old Hollywood-style furniture. In the example pictured, we’re talking about the art-deco drinks cart as the inspiration, and then the whole look is styled around it. This central piece not only provides the inspo, but serves as a practical function of housing everything you’d need poolside in one elegant and portable place! The convenience of refreshing drinks, fresh garnishes, and small snacks that are easily accessible to your guest will make you the perfect host or hostess. You’ll obviously need all the other pool and outdoor furniture for practicality, but if you make the key piece the focal point, we can dress up the rest of the furniture with some touches of decor (read more in the next paragraph). Have a look through your local second-hand furniture store - you never know, you might just find the perfect Hollywood glam piece.


Now that we have the furniture sorted, the addition of Old

Now that we have the furniture sorted, the addition of Old Hollywood themed decor is what will really make the theme come alive. Keeping to our colour theme you might include gold cocktail shakers, and gold vases filled with greenery. Turn on the pool light, and float some balloons on the surface in white, gold and black. Perhaps you could float a striking blow-up swan! Lighting will be key - you want people to see what they are doing, but yet it needs to achieve a soft glow. Strategically turn lights on and supplement with candles in gold and glass lamps. And it wouldn’t be a Hollywood party without a photo wall - make it super glam with gold sequins. You could also include a few nods to some of the other summer trends, such as pineapples and banana leaves, to give a sense of relevancy to this classic concept!


When it comes to Hollywood, there are some classic beverages that you just can’t go past. Champagne has to be at the top of the list, of course, so make sure you have ice buckets with a nice dry sparkling on hand.

To add a touch of summer glam, why not offer a range of champagne cocktails? There’s the classic Mimosa, the delicious peach flavoured Bellini, and if you really want to step up the Hollywood style, try the combination of champagne and gin in the French 75.

But nothing says Hollywood better than the martini. Gin, vodka, whatever your preference - it’s Hollywood in a martini glass! Don’t forget to throw in some ciders, beers and wines. Not everyone might be so keen on the cocktails.


Get t

Get the crowd raving with a range of food options to befit any Hollywood party. Keep it simple with finger food that is easy, yet would please a Hollywood crowd!

Grazing platters are all the rage these days and you can either set one up yourself with a range of delicious cheeses, antipasto, cold meats, pâtés, seafood, nuts, pastes and crackers. Or you can order one from one of the many catering services that provide these.

Pass around some trays of elegant yet easy hors-d'oeuvres. Some simple to prepare and delicious options could include the classic blinis with smoked salmon and dill crème fraiche, grilled vegetable crostini, grilled prawn skewers, chicken balls, and roast beef and caramelised onion bruschetta bites.

Top the night off with a return to the grazing table, but this time switch it up with fruit, slices, cakes, chocolates and puddings!

Whatever the occasion, the summer pool party is a fabulous way to celebrate. I love the idea of stepping it up a notch with the glamour of Old Hollywood. Take my tips and run with it, or if you love the idea, but don’t have the time, call in the expert! I’m always ready to plan a pool party!

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